January 21st, 2006

Andrei in the office

Filtered post made...

I've dusted off one of my filters. This one the S&F filter. If you'd like to be on it or didn't see the posting made to it... please feel free to comment here.

(Comments will be screened for privacy.)

Forthcoming to that same filter.. information on our upcoming trip to Boston for the "Fair" :)

Of course, those new to this journal may want to read the above link to voice interest in any of the other filters I use.
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Andrei in the office

Best IM conversation of the day

I love the way that conversations start. My mind tends to run the full gamut. So... I never know how I may respond. Today's starter from a friend was:

one day I will bone a chicken like a pro

So obviously I responded,
"That's rather personal. Did you really wish to share that"

I then recommended that his wife wander up to him and:
make clucking noises, then climax. Brock brock brock, oh... oh.. oooh, OH!

Yes, kids... I really am that broken. (But in a good way)

Identities of the guilty parties (besides myself) not listed unless they out themselves :)
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And with this, I suppose I lose MAN-points

I recently got a wood cabinet. The wood cabinet is the hand work of a local craftsman. He basically started making cabinets because he was tired of seeing all the cheap Asian knockoffs that were populating the local craft fairs. Definitely check out his website. If you order something, tell him you got the contact from me.

The cabinet I got can be see on his site at this web page. The pictures really don't do it justice. The white areas are magnetized. The paper bin comes out. It's the perfect office mate. The pictures don't show that he also puts a spirit hole in the side corner of the cabinet. In case anything friendly wants to creep in and take up residence.

Very cool all around. Unfortunately, I'm not a DIY guy.... Yet.

It came with 6 metal thingees and 6 yellow plastic thingees.

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