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Andrei in the office


Andrei's Universe

One man's journey from infinity to nothingness

Andrei in the office

Why yes, I am a vicious &$*#

So, I suggested to jnanacandra that we volunteer at a planned parenthood clinic. Nothing confuses fundies more than choosing life and yet choosing to support someone else's right to choice.

Me: We want to help protect these mother's rights to choose.
Fundie: But we'll get violent!
Me: But if you get violent you might harm the foetus growing in my wife. You don't want to harm my unborn child?
Fundie: But .,.. no... but... um... why.. erg... overload... ethical dilemma... BOOM

(one less fundie) hee hee hee

Oooh, dear. That's not right

I suppose I ought to be posting more...

The holiday season has admittedly been busy. I've gotten myself back into the swing of having a social life and an OTO life again.

The pursuit for work continues, but I'm fine tuning the process at a more measured rate. Finances have evened out. Thank you so much to everyone who was so supportive when things took a bad turn. The famed project is not dead, but just being re-evaluated over time.

The number of people 'in my life' has all but tripled in the last month. I have a growing relationship with a new girlfriend (which for the sake of privacy will only be detailed under filter). And I have a growing future human being with my ever lovely jnanacandra

I still suffer from being too excited about too many damned things and having little setbacks get me off the path of working on them.