December 20th, 2005

Andrei in the office

Gnostic Ramblings

It is now nearly 3 am Pacific time. I am in bed. People on the east coast where I've just returned from are beginning to wake up. This evening I had a very interesting flight home. 3 specific things occurred.

1: I read the comic series Promethea. From start to about 20% into the second trade papeback. For more info on the first click here: Promethea (Book 1)

2: I went on an internal Gnostic Journey.

3: My single serving friend who turned out to be a Mormon Elder. So we spoke for about 2 hrs on the history, founding, and architecture of Mormonism.

This post deal with #2. I suppose we could thus call them Brain droppings.

What is contained below the cut was the stream of thoughts I went thru as best as my hands could keep up. Most won't make sense. My internal voice is either my conscious thought or my un/sub-conscious quick response. The latter of which will hopefully be italicized.

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