November 28th, 2005

Andrei in the office

And it's beginning to snow...

Well, I looked out the front door and it was there. White stuff. And since I'm not in L.A. anymore, but in fact the Norman Rockwell hamlet of Snohomish; I can be assured of two simple facts.

1. It is not cocaine
2. It is snow

For those that didn't know, I consider myself a Pennsylvanian. I spent 30 years combined in both states of Pennsylvania. 15 years from the age of 1 to 16 in the state of Eastern PA and 15 years from 16 to 31 in the state of Western PA. (Pennsylvania residents will understand this two state mentality. California residents should too)

I moved to San Diego during Thanksgiving 1998. The last snow out my front door that I saw was in fact January of 1998 (It was a warm winter). Now, I've seen snow since then visiting places like the mountains to the north of L.A., Minneapolis, but seeing it outside the door... that is different. That is more 'real' I guess.

I guess in a way it's comforting... which is odd as I listen to the associated song...

I feel good.

(Ironically as I type this the song hits:
And it's beginning,
    And it's beginning to...,
        And it's beginning to "Joanne which way to the stage?" snow!!!!


Collapse )

Christmas Bells - Rent (1996 Original Broadway Cast) [Cast Recording] - Original Broadway Cast "Rent"
Andrei in the office

Memetime: Ooh, I like this one...

Stolen from tikva who stole it from madcaptenor who caught it from catamorphism

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