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Andrei in the office


Andrei's Universe

One man's journey from infinity to nothingness

02:39 pm: I have too many things to post...
08:50 am: My backlog buildeth  2 comments
11:50 am: So, I wrote this today... With luck I won't go to jail as a result.  13 comments
12:43 pm: I'm not the kind to ask but...
01:44 pm: To post or not to post...  2 comments
02:05 pm: Administrivia... Welcome new readers...  2 comments
05:54 pm: MEMEtime: No real surprise... But then again.. I'm new in town ;)
09:52 am: New userpics  1 comment
10:01 am: Memetime: SMRT that spells, Meme.  1 comment
04:34 pm: Heya Washington, Come on get Gnostic  5 comments
08:16 am: I'm not surprised, but at the same time... sorry to hear...  2 comments
11:28 am: Liber 01001101: Oz for the net.  7 comments
10:47 am: Three cheers for research!  10 comments
03:42 pm: Hitchhiker's Guide DVD
04:55 pm: Memetime: I've been tagged  4 comments
11:42 am: Trip ahoy.... Calling out to Boston, USA  8 comments
12:03 pm: MEMEtime: *sigh* Like I should honestly be surprised...  6 comments
11:18 am: Dear Mr. President... It's me again  14 comments
05:18 pm: I really wasn't going to vent, but now I will.  4 comments
10:59 am: Spam du Jour  2 comments
11:21 am: A feast for life!  3 comments
05:01 pm: It's a sparkly Ms. Bris! It's a sparkly!  5 comments
06:35 pm: So, here I ride in the tow truck.  19 comments
08:09 am: Oh, that should have been obvious.
08:45 am: A look at the damage...  6 comments
01:22 pm: Fellow Pittsburgh Steeler Fans....  1 comment
04:08 pm: To podcast or not to podcast  2 comments
12:27 am: Poker and Fun evening  2 comments
09:26 am: And as we approach that day of thanks...  7 comments
09:28 am: So... I asked several people... concerning the car crash  2 comments
11:58 pm: You know... I thought Llamas had it bad  3 comments
09:43 am: On one hand I get this...  1 comment
09:38 am: And it's beginning to snow...  7 comments
10:08 am: Memetime: Ooh, I like this one...  1 comment
02:36 pm: Memetime redux
04:30 pm: Phone tree rant  2 comments
04:31 pm: By the way....  4 comments
11:32 pm: No words that haven't been said....  3 comments
12:22 am: MEMETime: So I don't have to think...
09:58 am: Family...  4 comments
10:35 am: Morning Rant: Does anyone else notice the hypocrisy?  14 comments