October 29th, 2005

Andrei in the office

A Magickal Rant: Money is the root of all eeeeeeeevul

I love writing these kinds of rants. They are never aimed at a goal. There is typically a motivation that gets me riled. Then I start writing. I express my gut feeling. Sometimes it leads me off the topic onto another one that may or may not seem related to anyone but me. I will admit that the sentence structure may have errors. (I think and write as I would speak and therefore use punctuation.... um creatively.) So, I nerble my ramblings in journal form. Pulling on dogma and writings that I (at the time of writing) put credibility and support into my opinions. Then I post.

The result is that some people comment. Some do not understand a phrase fragment I've dropped and I go back and restate it in English. Some immediately rip apart my 'train of thought' logic and I happily open a debate or say, "Gosh, that makes sense." And some read one line that was meant as a humourous "one-off" and focus on that. Regardless, I put these here because it's how I feel and how my mind (sorta) works (if we can call it working). It's a public statement and any person can respond in any way that they will.

So, now that those of you who haven't seen one of these things before have been warned....


Currently, on one of my boards is a debate over whether a magickal organization should pay attention to its financial state. This includes such things as maintaining a tax exempt status, realizing its assets, and growing its base of operations.

Ugh... sounds very corporate. Some have gone so far as to use phrases like, "Sucking the magick out." You see, in many traditions, money has this grubby and dirty connotation. If we invest ourselves in material possessions we cheapen ourselves and loose our spirituality.

Obviously, this explains why the monks and the priests and the hoo-hah out there need renunciation. Renunciate, renunciate, renunciate. Preach it with me. See the mystical figure chanting it much like Ballmer preaching to the developers.

I look at this and think simply... Bugger that

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