October 25th, 2005

Andrei in the office

I get pithy online

If there is one thing I love to chat about it is philosophy. Especially philosophy dealing with the concepts of God, faith, etc. Now, I have one tenant rule for anything I ramble on about. 93==YMMV. (I defined this after many posts using it back in March of 2003).

Understanding "93==YMMV", here were some wonderful questions and how I responded.

So, today I got randomly asked a question.

In your Opinion - why does God (higher power) choose to leave everything 'broken'?

This got my mind churning. I had to say simply:
balance and growth.

Now granted, I come from a definition of God which can be oversimplified to:
The limitless single totality of all things that are, were, and can be.

I then tried to explain the progress of the emanations of the tree of life from the one (one) to the two (not one) to the three (that which differs one from two), and so forth.

This culminated in me seeing Kether as like Hadit while seeing Malkuth as Nuit. Kinda my morning's "Gnostic Clang"

This led to her next question:
So, do you think that is where the "illusion" exists of there 'not being God'?

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Then I decided I was really happy with how that came out and decided to post.

My conversation partner responded:

I am wondering though, given your explaination as to whether people 'can't' ... or simply "Won't" put for the effort to defining their understanding of God.
that it is sheer 'Faith' that keeps them from persuing it any further

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I'm always open to anyone else's "93==YMMV" on the topics.

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