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Andrei in the office


Andrei's Universe

One man's journey from infinity to nothingness

Andrei in the office

Gosh, I wish I knew how to write a white paper

So, how do you write a white paper when you've just found a way to link ice dancing, pole exercise, the toastmasters, and the Polar Express?

No really, it all just came together in my head in a very compelling research of psychology. Yum.

Andrei in the office

iTunes Store, 2 years later...

Before the beginning of video there came to the net: Songs. The iTunes music store.

Not a lot, but some.

There also came a Mac fan-boy who was a Disc Jockey in the 80s. There also came a livejournal post.

In the original post I went "Shopping." I was looking for the music that I would buy. I turned up a rather lengthy list of requests that would go unfulfilled.

With the advent of a <sarcasm>whopping</sarcasm> 2000 videos. I was curious to see how far the actual music catalogue had grown in the last 2 years.

So now: the followup to my original list:
My updated list from 2003Collapse )

Hmmn, maybe I should put together a podcast. Hmn...

Andrei in the office

Catch up round 2; white paper; posting, the project; work; and the sci-fi list

First off, life has been busy. I try to actually be working on code and projects during the week and not posting or IMing. The weekends? I'm back in the swing of OTO involvement. Last weekend was two masses and my performing Minerval initiations for the Tacoma body, the week before was working with the initiator training program in Portland; this weekend I'm back in Portland for a visit; next weekend is a Biiiig weekend for Seattle OTO as representatives of the Electoral College come to visit.

So, I just posted a critical analysis of the growth of the iTunes music catalogue over the last two years. And let me be honest; the podcasting bug really bit me as I remembered how much minutia I love pulling up over media.

Before that was the vague post about the white paper. Many people asked, "Huh, What's a white paper." Of course my good friend Wikipedia has the answer. I am currently reading a really cool link, "How to write a white paper - A white paper on white papers" I will add that the theory/realization I had also encompasses such topics as passion and magic(k); so... more for people to wonder about.

Ah yes, the Sci-Fi list I am compiling. Yes, I am known for opening really great doors on LJ and then dropping them. This one hasn't been dropped. It just got delayed. After day one I'd compiled the data I had and there were over 400 sci-fi shows. The debate had begun over what is sci-fi, what is fantasy, and what should be included. Hrmn. Ick. Then, that night, Microsoft excel crashed on me. I lost about 80% of the data that I'd spent 2 days on. I've been trying to figure out how better to organize it so that I can develop the next two rounds I have planned. I have discovered how much of a DBA I am not.

And finally the project. We got donations and loans. And this is a wholly good thing. I still need to put together information for the loan provider concerning this. It will be out in the next 3-4 days. I am working on several code concepts and typing up information on that while still putting together an involved SWOT list for use in a business plan. So that also keeps me busy.

On the side to keep my head out of the nearly 20 technical books I'm referencing; I am back to doing cross stitch in my (mostly) spare time. I am working on a piece that is jnanacandra's Fire sea logo. I'll post a pict of the progress as I get the time if anyone is interested.

Okay... now you know where I've been. The best thing I can ask is, "Drop a line." Most of the people I know (Either well or partially) are all out of the area. Email, IMs, and comments are appreciated because I am fairly remote from just about everyone I know. And with 250 journals and far more other content sources... It's hard to keep everything caught up.

Such is life. WereRabbit soon.

Edit: Added Links to posts