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Andrei in the office


Andrei's Universe

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Andrei in the office

B*&ch Moan Whine. Let's do this Right, already...

Edit Since the LJ poll mechanism doesn't seem to leave a lot of room, comments on this thread are initially screened if you want to add more than the poll area can support.

So, once again, someone has come up with a top XX list of the best YY of all time. This time the variables read:
someone : Boston.com
XX = 50
YY=Sci Fi Shows.

I really don't like top XX lists in magazines. They always seem arbitrary and forced. Best songs of the 80s are always going to have Madonna and Springsteen (URG), with far less Duran Duran that they should have and despite its magnitude, Thriller should NOT be consistently number 1.

This time I sit staring agog as I'm told that Stargate:Atlantis is higher on the list than Buffy. No really, if you feel the need to look, here's the list.

So, today, I'm going to put together what I feel is a better list. I'm even going to tell you how I'm going to do it.

Over the next week or two I'm going to put up polls. Each poll will be designed to generate the list. We'll start general to get the shows (using only minor details in the rankings) and then ask lots of questions about the shows to generate the rankings.

Please, refer as many people as you can , because the more the people who contribute, the more realistic the final list is. Especially if you find people who disagree with your tastes.

Behind the cut is the first question in our little journey. Have at it...Come one, come all... Now's your turn to make a list.Collapse )

Andrei in the office

Well, i must share the pain...

Well, thanks to chite my week is now very broken.

Let's start with this link to help get you in the mood. Be warned... it is a little slow to load, but worth every second. (Granted, if someone could give me a list of what they are doing, I'd be appreciative, I don't recognize all the pieces.

But of course on top of that for my Veridian Room addicts (I know you're out there ashabeth)
Thanks to chite
Grow RPG and Grow Cube

Good luck.

Andrei in the office

I am pleased to report

that after less than 24 hours. I have more contributions than I was expecting and at first glance probably over 200 shows. Special thanks to those that emailed separately.... Tomorrow, I will be compiling the data in so far. Please relay the poll to others, the more submissions the better.