September 6th, 2005

Andrei in the office

Dear Heavens! He Posted

Why yes, I haven't posted in a while. Life has actually been too much of a distraction. But, when a naked girl climbs over to you for kisses every morning... who's going to blame you for reduced postings?

Well, that aside, I was flipping through some of my random sites and decided to take a look on OKCupid. This is a bizarre little site that believes that it can pinpoint matches far better than any other site. It does so by asking you (over time) hundreds maybe thousands of little multiple choice questions.

All are incredibly open to interpretation and debate. You pick the one answer that best suits you; the up to all but one answer that you'd like your matches to pick, and how important this question is to your dating someone. (Or... you can just skip the question outright)

In the words of Hedy LeMarr, "Why am I telling you this?"

Well, one question popped up that sent my little Thelemic mind reeling. The question was as follows:

"Is your duty to religion/God even more important than your family" answer: Yes or No.

Gads. My gut instinct would be to put a resounding "NO" down. I've dealt with so many fundamentalists in my life that... that... and then I rethought the question...

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So, that being said, I answered the question. This prompted me to reconsider my biography on the site. On most dating sites, I pretty much point people to my LiveJournal profile and leave it at that. But, now with my newfound desire to talk more about myself and who I am, (Gosh, self involved much?) I decided to actually write a dating site Who am I biography.

I've spent the last 10 years training myself to not really care what others think about me. Many old friends (of which there aren't many left) know how dependent I used to be on the opinions of others. That being said, I decided to exercise the irony of putting the new bio here for the sole purpose of soliciting opinions. I liked OKCupid's format because it asks you to write a Bio while highlighting search terms. OKC of course is not the most liberal of sites, so I'm pretty sure my new bio is sure to put off the people I want to put off. So... below is the bio... Feel free to comment. (Underlines represent highlight terms, not links)

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