August 29th, 2005


They say that breaking up is hard to do...

This may be my first gloomy post. I should have gone to bed about an hour ago, but I've been working on this project for about 5 days.

As warned and warned and warned... I'm about to commit my first purge.

Currently I have 501 subscriptions on LJ (which LJ refers to as friends).
Of that number 341 are individual journals, (or at least not officially communities or feeds)
So far I have scheduled for purge around 30% of these. (just over 100).

This process is never easy. The journals I've picked include, people who don't subscribe to me, people who haven't posted in years, people that I've fallen out of contact with, people I just don't know that well or read very much.

None of these unsubscriptions should be considered as personal, as I bear no ill will to any journal owner that I'm dropping.

I will leave comments open (but screened to all). If you think you may be among the dropped and wish not to be in that group (especially in the event that you want to read my increasingly rarely made filtered posts) leave a comment. Please this is not an open season to beg. Just tell me that you really do read and I'll pull you off the list if you're on it.

To be honest, I really don't expect anyone I'm dropping to be among the people who comment.

Also, if you discover you were dropped, (because you didn't think you'd be on the drop list), first... again, don't take it personally. Second, if you'd like me to keep your journal in subscriptions (maybe for filters, but for any reason) again... Comment.

My first purge will occur at about 3pm tomorrow.

This will allow me to follow LJ more actively again :)
Andrei in the office

Ph34r the l33t N3tW3rk!

CNN has been running non-stop coverage on Katrina's rampage through the gulf region.

Several satellite uplinks had to be pulled down because the satellite dishes on vans act like giant sails on sea going vessels. As a result the van runs the risk of being physically picked up by the winds and flying into the air.

CNN is proud that they've been able to pull down nearly live footage without the use of Satellite. Repeatedly they have said the following:

And we've been able to deliver this footage here at CNN with an entirely new technology known as FTP

Okay, all together now...


Such mighty technology. Next CNN will offer multiple graphics during the coverage with their secret weapon: Gopher.

Edit: And a live report from Mobile, AL just included the line: "And as you can see, Water street is under Water."
The footage kept being interrupted with an emergency tone. The national CNN commentator said, "Well, it's a good thing that we had that tone to cover all the explitives." No really, she was serious and actually thought the emergency 1K tones were obscenity bleeps.

Either the director or this national commentator is not going to last at CNN very long.
Andrei in the office

Katrina update: Brian Andrews is my hero

Brian Andrews a local affiliate in Louisiana just gave a live report from Baton Rouge (I think), he was downtown showing how wild the wind is. He basically broadcast how easy it is for a human being to get blown around.

It was risky but absolutely wonderfully handled. "Okay (Cameraman), if anything comes flying at me just scream." He was hanging onto a postal box with a metal rod for support which was eventually stripped from him by wind and blew down the street.

"Okay, we're packing it in."
He darts back to the building for cover.
"Reporting Live from Baton Rouge" (Wind stumble)
"In the downtown area" (Gust blows him down onto his stomach. He then stands and looks at the camera.
"I'm Brian Andrews" (Smile)

Interesting reporting. Actual fun during some hard times.

On a serious note: my wishes to all who are enduring this either by weathering it out in their areas or those who've escaped who are praying for their homes. As a person who experienced Hurricane Andrew first hand (I drove about 15-30 miles away from the eye escaping my home in Baton Rouge in 1992) I know what people are going through.
Andrei in the office

I wonder if I could get in trouble for this?

Today I am back at the local Apple Store. jnanacandra's iBook is back in after being out for service for 3 weeks. She has joined the iBook logic board club.

While waiting there was a guy complaining that he couldn't mount a hard drive because of Norton products. He tried running the uninstaller but it said there was nothing installed. I can say that while I helped to build the installer, I didn't write the uninstaller.

That being said, I knew exactly what files were where and how to help him.

I've been joking about applying to be a Mac Genius. I actually can't for a few business reasons, but it was amusing to help the guy with the complete removal of Norton from his hard drive. I wonder if I was in breech of NDA to help someone with what I knew to be a known bug in the software that has not and probably will not ever be fixed.


Granted, once I lept to the rescue, the guy immediately started asking me every Mac diagnostic question he could. Out of professional courtesy, I explained, "Look, I don't work here. I just used to work on Norton Development and did installer work. If you have other questions, you really need to ask these guys. I do my own consultation, but I really don't feel right advising you here. You should direct all other questions to these guys."

He really seemed to want to employ me on the spot. So... Yeah, guess I know my stuff.
Andrei in the office

Those were the good old days

327 user journals have been reduced by 117 journals (over 35%)

226 remain. If you feel that you shouldn't have been dropped because you read some of my filtered groups, drop a line. Again, nothing personal. And I may have checked the wrong box, so I may not have meant to cut you at all.

Comments filtered.
Andrei in the office

Memetime: Lover quiz

The Liberated Lover

63% partner focus, 66% aggressiveness, 60% adventurousness
Based on the results of this test, it is highly likely that:

You prefer your romance and love to wild and daring rather than typical or boring, you would rather pursue than be pursued and, when it comes to physical love, your satisfaction comes more from providing a wonderful time to your partner than simply seeking your own.

This places you in the Lover Style of: The Liberated Lover.

The Liberated Lover is a wonderful Lover Style, and forms the kind of free-thinking, sexually-exciting, self-confident lover that society once condemned but that a liberal-mind cherishes and exults. The Liberated Lover is a treasure to find, though it can sometimes be difficult to do so because they are often already engaged in relationships or are in high-demand if "in the market."

In terms of physical love, the Liberated Lover is possibly the most thrilling and demanding of all, with the one potential drawback being that it is possible to feel 'overmatched' at times by their prowess and selfless giving. Given trust and understanding, and the right lover, the Liberated Lover can be a delight in bed.

Best Compatibility can probably be found with: The Exotic Lover (most of all) or the Carnal Lover, or the Suave Lover.


If you enjoyed this test, I would love the feedback! Also, you might want to check out some of my other tests if you're interested in the following:

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My test tracked 3 variables How you compared to other people your age and gender:
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You scored higher than 58% on partner focus
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You scored higher than 80% on aggressiveness
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Link: The Lover Style Profile Test written by donathos on Ok Cupid