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Andrei in the office


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Andrei in the office

I may actually have to buy a book...

A while ago, I attended a taping of "That 70's show" - For those who care it was episode - 49, "Red Fired Up"

When you see a show taping, first-off you need to remember that you will be there approximately 6 minutes for every minute of air time (including commercials). Thus a 30 minute program will probably take up 180 minutes, or 3 hours of time.

Further you will see lines that the writers are testing in the script and may change or lose entirely. One such line was the final credit-crawl joke.

The foreign character of Fez has been watching "Hollywood Squares" through the entire episode. At the very end of the episode while the credits are rolling we hear him make a comment aloud to himself. "You know... I think this Paul Lynde may be Gay."

It was completely out of the blue, and I must admit that the audience and myself nearly wet ourselves with hysteria. The line was delivered with such a level of 70's innocence to something that we now reflect upon as obvious beyond measure.

Paul Lynde, the poster child for what we often view as a male homosexual stereotype. Well, we can do that now; but in 1971 at the height of Bewitched, most had no idea.

Thanks to one of today's posts by theferrett. I am looking forward to reading a new biography on America's 'Center Square'

There is a wonderful interview with the author at Salon.com

Sadly, the producers of "That 70's Show" never let this pearl of humour out in the airing of the episode. But at least a man who's comic delivery was a highlight of the 70's as finally been given some proper honour.