August 21st, 2005

Andrei in the office

I got acquiescence from Rodney

I caught rodneyorpheus online just after he'd made a post. I agree with a good bit of what he's posted (but not all). Saying this may get me in a bit of hot water with the local communities, but ... I'm not at this time going to go into what I did and didn't agree with. (it's late, and the jnanacandra would like me to turn off the damned computer already :)

I addressed Rodney at one point after some logical deduction and questioning on my part in IM and the following transpired...

Me: So, basically... (me challenging one of his points)
R: that's a very good point.
R: I like that.
Me: Well, to be honest I have the urge to post, "I got an acquiescence from Rodney" on LJ, but I think I can avoid that much self humouring for myself.
R: hahaha
R: please do, it would be funny :)
R: it's a rare thing

So there you have it. Hopefully at some point I will gather the words to express how I feel, rather than traipsing thru some great vagueness. But the details weren't important. Only that I found a point I disagreed with and was able to find a way to show the reasons. Happy pleased warm feelings.

Film at 11 :)
Andrei in the office

Jewelry query

So, I've seen "Babalon Stars", "Trees of Life", and all manner of Thelemic jewelry.

What would an Ain, Ain Sof, or an Ain Sof Aur necklace look like?

Would I need to make a saving throw against madness/divinity?

Just curious. Thank you.

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