August 18th, 2005

Andrei in the office

To post or not to post...

I've been up and down in posting in the past two months. This is ironically timed with my move.

I have 338 people listed in my 'subscription list' (I utterly refuse to refer to this as a friends list, with all due respect to those on my list who I call friends)

LJ has become an enigma for me on many levels. I love the sense of community that is built into it, but dislike the the lack of community that is caused by looking at journals not managed by LJ. I am constantly in a stage of keep up or die between my LJ subscriptions and the wealth of other sites that I use for both news and community information.

Add to that the threatened mass purge that I've just never been able to face due to the social and intellectual ramifications involved. For as a true procrastinator we do understand that the easiest way to deal with a difficult problem is to put it to the side until it becomes unwieldy and destroys us.

So, why haven't I posted?

Perhaps it's to avoid adding to the amount of data someone else processes. Perhaps there just hasn't been anything motivating me to really post about. Perhaps, I am just worried that I will swing back into making 5-9 posts a day and take up all my time.

In truth, I think it comes down to one really simple fact. I am a software solutions person at heart. To me this situation has an answer. I can feel it, touch it, smell it, taste it, caress it in my arms. But it's just not here yet. An organizational solution that will make my LJ experience jump light years away from where it is.

Each time I log on to LJ it is a reminder that drives me back to research.

The good news is that my research is bearing fruit. The earliest work is resulting in things that make me happy. As a result I keep coming back to LJ... for more.

If I'm not commenting a lot, it's not personal, it's not neglect, it's not disinterest. (Well, with a few of you that I should have purged a while ago, it is personal ;) If I'm not really posting a lot it's primarily because I'm wasting my time in other ways on the net. (Ooh, Pogo, you are such a time waste)

To be honest, it's been a busy 54 days since I ended my 5+ years in Southern California. I am still adjusting. Still finding my way through an entirely new life. So, in someways the old me is growing back, in other ways, the next me is beginning to blossom.

It's an interesting trip. I'm pleased to see where it is leading.

93, 93/93