July 3rd, 2005

Andrei in the office

Movers are due...

The movers are due in about 35 minutes. Well at least the window opens at that point.

Somewhere between 10am and 2pm they should arrive... Then chaos.

I will be posting random picts to buzznet: http://lordandrei.buzznet.com/user

However, there is now a webcam setup in kitchen pointing at the dining room. It will refresh every 10 seconds.

The URL should be:

The image is below the cut. Refresh to see updates.
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Andrei in the office

Livid? Remember what I did with Yahoo?

So, I just got a call from the truck driver.

"I don't think we're gonna make it, so we're just gonna bring it by tomorrow"
    "Um, tomorrow is July 4. We've already made plans. That's why we said 10-2 today was fine."
"Well, if I bring it today, we're there until 12 or 1. You got alot of stuff."
    "And of course you've been working all day today"
"Yeah, and I got another one in Arlington that's gonna have to push back too."
    "So what are my options?"
"I don't know I'll call the main office."
    "Is anyone going to be there?"
"I don't know."
    "So I should expect a call back in 10-15 minutes"

We're at 10 minutes and holding.
I've already placed a call to our moving agent
Andrei in the office

Movers round 2

So after 30 minutes and 2 calls to the drivers automatic message I reach him.

He's willing to make the drop today. Starting at 6 and going until 2 am. Personally, I have visions of furniture bashing its way up my steps.

I acquiesce. He is to be here at 8am tomorrow morning. He tells me he can be here at 7am and have me done by noon. Amazing how it's an 8 hr move on my terms and a 5 hour move on his terms.

If I could put into words how I feel, I would have to make this an over 18 journal.