June 23rd, 2005

Andrei in the office

And now we wait

So,it's now noon. The movers were due here at noon or as early as 10am.

jnanacandra has just gone running for food. I think we're as ready as we're going to be for the movers. I am just hoping that everything we plan to take in the vehicle will fit in the vehicle.

Little woozy, but that mey be just the 3.5 hrs of sleep and lack of food.


Server down time so far: 5 minutes for software update.
Andrei in the office

Moving details...

So, shortly we should have professional movers descend upon us.

Here's our schedule:
Thursday (today): Movers, Panic, then a quiet evening with new friend mmorena
Friday: Dentist, house cleaning, carpet steaming, Pack car.Take recyclables and old equipment away, Dinner with old friends, Change DNS on all servers, Computers down and pack into car.
Saturday: Drive to Washington. (We're living about 20-40 min NE of Seattle)
Sunday: Morning- Fall into house. DirecTV. Computers Up

Ah yes, Directv here was a snafu. They will come out Sunday and place a new dish on the house for us. We leave the old one in L.A. Of course, I didn't think about this and scheduled it the day we arrive. The TV won't in fact make it for up to 2 weeks. I can't reschedule at this point due to the time proximity. sheesh

Monday: New Insurance (auto/rental), Register car. Pick up WA Driving Guide.
Call movers, find out when delivery is.

So, the plan with the computers is the neat part. I have full time servers for about 4 different organizations including my own company. The DSL and IP addresses are theoretically up and running at the new site. If my plan works. I will change the DNS routing on Friday night. Drive Saturday, and by the time I arrive in Seattle, I should just plug them in, change the IPs and the machines should just be back up.

Yeah... In theory, theory and practice are the same...
Andrei in the office

Movers in process

Movers arrived. As usual there was confusion between what I thought we'd told them we'd have packed vs. what they believed they'd need to pack. *sigh* Never can go without a hitch, eh?

House is 20% emptied
Andrei in the office

Well on the upside

My poker game has improved over the last few weeks beyond expectations. The last 6 out of 7 times I played at limit tables (either online or in person) I doubled my bankroll within an hour. (The one time I didn't was this afternoon while I was distracted by the movers acting like they might not move the piano)

I just played a shorthanded (5 player) No limit tourney. $5 + 0.50 in, $17.50 out. So... like I said... my game is improved. I wonder if it's time to step up my limits again.

Best hand of the last 2 weeks:
Pocket AA,
Flop came down 4AK.

Other player was betting into me like there was no tomorrow.
My read was that he had either AK or KK, either was a boon for me.
The turn came down 9. he kept betting into me.
The river... an ace. I checked, he went all in, I called.

He had KKKAA, I had AAAAK. It just doesn't get much prettier.
That's the dream hand :)
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