June 22nd, 2005

Andrei in the office

Elvis has left the building, Yoi!

Tuesday, the voice of the Pittsburgh Steelers on radio, Myron Cope, hung up his microphone.

Now while I have become a die-hard steelers fan over the last 5 years, I rarely listened to Cope's broadcast. Granted, he was the truest example of the Pittsburgh stereotypical accent that you could find.

Myron (pronounced Mahrn) came up with the terrible towel and came up with the term, "Immaculate Reception." He is retiring because operations on his throat have not improved his health or his voice.

Prayers and wishes to him in his retirement. The team and the sport will not be the same to the fans who've listened to Cope for generations.
Andrei in the office

Okay, we'll call it a night

Office and den are almost at the point where I can point and walk away from them. I've got about another 3-4 hrs of organization.

Tomorrow...err today.. Arrowhead comes and claims the water cooler. They don't deliver to Washington state. So, I'd have to pay $250 for the cooler. Not worth it. $9.95/month was fine, but if I'm going to buy one, it'll be through a vendor.

Next week I'll talk about our really fun surprise that I got on Friday of last week. Don't worry, we'll be legal (for the most part) ;)

The list for tomorrow... err today keeps getting longer.

Sp, poker and packing anyone. Wednesday evening?