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Andrei in the office


Andrei's Universe

One man's journey from infinity to nothingness

Andrei in the office


Это показалось бы моим журналом имеет нового читателя. Сестра от
России изучать enochian. Я не полагаю любое еще, котор я уже
знаю читать мой журнал более лучшее на переводить english to
russian online система перевода?


К сестре: Я больше чем завещать побеседовать мое лимитированное
знание enochian при вы принимая языковойа барьер не делает его
слишком трудной.

Perhaps I should clarify ;)Collapse )
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Andrei in the office

[OTO] Blue Horizon Book Sale!

93 all,

Well today starting at (looks at watch) well, right now... 3pm we are doing a book sale fund-raiser.

I have some set up pictures. We have books from Clymer, Blavatsky, and other really impressive sources. There will also be a book auction for some really Neeefty books.

If you're bored today and in the L.A. area... come by our temple for a browse :)

Oh, we're also doing divinations as well. (SJ and I will be doing tarot readings by request)

If you don't know where the temple is... give my cell phone a text message through the interface on my LJ profile :) Give me a phone number where to reach you and I'll talk you in to our Glendale Book hut :)

Pictures below the cut:
Lookie! Books!Collapse )