February 17th, 2005

Andrei in the office

This is my kaballism

Today while wasting time before my presentation (in 20 minutes) I decided to skim some livejournal.

Friends list, to post, to comments.

I saw a random user icon. At first I thought it was the user icon for someone else on my friend's list. Then I stopped taking the icon in subconsciously and actually looked at it.

Collapse )

The two icons have almost no resemblance to each other at all. There are some very slight contrast, colour, and compositions similarity that someone could read into it.

Someone could == my subconscious.

For me, my kaballism is contemplating the reasons that my brain did this. Is there a deeper meaning? Is there some internal mythical or mystical connection that might help me learn more about myself and my world? Is it just jet lag, lack of sleep, and Andrei's f'ed up inattentive brain playing tricks?

So many questions. But it intrigued me. And gives me something to think about in the off cycles while traveling.
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