January 14th, 2005

Andrei in the office

APPLE Update

Well, if LiveJournal isn't the source of all news and info.

First.. Thank you thank you thank you to everyone who's been cheering me on and asking daily if there's been any news. I really appreciate it, and at this point I can only keep asking that you send the positive vibes and energy.

My mantra is always (newjobnewjobnewjobnewjobnewjobnewjob) but I'd rather not go into the ritual in question :)

I called Apple this morning and spoke to the recruiter. At this point we are now down to two. So, the next decision they make will have that true Colosseum feel of the thumb going up or down. (Which if memory serves, the thumbs down actually meant the victim lived and thumbs up meant let them die.)

The two candidates are a person with a lot of hands on technical experience with the technology in question, but not a lot of working with teams and personal interaction. And then there is me. I think it is odd and makes me wonder that I'm in the running because of the skills I've honed outside my career path. So the question becomes, do they want to bank their money on having to ramp up their candidate on the technology or do they want to bank their money on hoping the technology person can learn to strategically plan and interact with other people. I'm of course hoping for the former.

So where am I. Well, I leave tomorrow on honeymoon/vacation one step closer to the end goal. However, the delay involves them bringing the other candidate back in for another interview. This of course is a concern/blessing. It means either they got everything they need from me and want to use me as a litmus for the other person, or... it means they are leaning towards him and want to see if they can fill in the holes.

Dunno, it's really out of my hands. I've told the Recruiter that if they decide to make an offer to me, she is more than welcome to call me on my cell next week while I'm away. She said that if she doesn't call during the week, not to take it as meaning I didn't get the position. The good news is that I think she really likes me. She has made it often sounds like she'd rather see me come into the company and has also said that she is more than open to work on finding me a position that is suitable in Apple if this one doesn't come to fruition. But she also says it in a manner that suggests that she's optimistic that it won't come to that. She is however a recruiter in HR and the inevitable decision is out of her hands.

So... in this case... no news is good news. Well, there was some news. 3 is now 2. And in poker, those odds are worth pushing your chips in over. If you're inside Apple and reading this... feel free to send happy vibes around. If your outside Apple, feel free to send happy vibes where-ever you think they are best suited to land.

And as always, I know the fruition of this will cause a lot of pain in Southern California. I've received more than one request to consider telecommuting or suggesting Apple move to L.A. The wishes are understood and appreciated. Moving away is never easy, especially when you've grown a very close knit family of friends and brethren in a group. Of course, this doesn't mean that I'm gonna completely vanish. I have too many inits, masses, and rituals scheduled for the next 9 months already. Gotta stay with my commitments ;)

Keep up the hopes, prayers, and well wishes. I am still trying to only wear Apple shirts. (which will obviously be difficult when we go to dressy places on the trip). I will keep everyone posted as I learn more.

Thanks to everyone :) And I return to sitting on pins and needles.

Edit: Originally I posted that the other candidate was a guy. This was a sexist assumption. I have no problem beating a woman out of a job on my merits just as I have no problem beating a man out of a job based on my merits :) Thus, I have changed the word guy to person.

Edit: 06-01-03 This was posted friends only as it involved job interviews
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Andrei in the office

Memetime: 15 facts

I know I'm all about the who crediting where you find something. And I know I still need to respond to a comment by bride about that :)

But here it is... 15 facts. Or more properly 10 facts and 5 not facts.

Comments are invisible and will be (as the president might put it) visibilified after I return from my trip. So feel free to guess.

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