December 13th, 2004

Andrei in the office

If this is Philosophy, it must be Monday

Every now and then I find myself having an expansive-brain day. Typically this is caused by either a lack of sleep or a great deal of symbolic input all at once. Or worse, a conjunction of the lot. The result of these days is that I often find my self poised at a LiveJournal entry that wants to be all things and nothing at the same time. I find myself grousing at the need of a better interface from my brain to the written word than the woefully slow digits extending from my hands.

To give insight into these influences I will try to give an overview of the past 4-5 days. This should be interesting as due to the nature of some of them, I really can't give a great deal of elaboration. This will lead to an attempt to outline where my mind currently is and what is currently running around in that space. The learned Rabbi Lamed Ben Clifford supplies the quotation that most often comes to mind, "It's all in your head. You just have no idea how big a place that is."

The rest is cut. Primarily because it's close to 2500 words. Secondarily, because it gives people an out for not bothering. My words, my thoughts. Debate if you will. I always need more to chew on.

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