December 8th, 2004

Andrei in the office

Because I'm just that kind of pain in the *&$

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A few years ago I had the privilege of having as a co-worker Jesse Brown the founder of now defunct MacMarines. The site was designed for hard core evangelism of the Macintosh platform.

Every now and then, I find a need to put on the hat of evangelism. One of the sites I frequent is Pogo offers java based games that are supported on the Mac as well as the Windows platform... Well, they were. Recently, less and less of their games actually load up on the Mac. Sometimes they freeze, sometimes, they bail to an error page... sometimes they take Safari down in a cloud of smoke.

So, I decided to file a tech support request. I figured, "Game don't work. You fix!"(sic)

I got back an automated faq that of course prompted me to once again put on the hat of Evangelist and lay into another arm of the already frenetic EA games. I encourage any Mac Pogo users to politely file bugs on any and _all_ games that you find aren't loading.

I will keep a running status of the progress of this issue. I don't really expect the issue to get resolved in anything like a timely fashion... but it's always nice to at least try.

This is the current status of the process.
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