October 23rd, 2004

Andrei in the office

English geeks, help!

I have loads of English geeks on my list. Let's see if anyone can help.

I am looking for a $.50 word.

The concept is, "having the bad reputation associated with"

As in "Having the talk with my boyfriend always carries with it the bad impression that we'll end up breaking up.

Shadow comes to mind. But that's not right.

Of course it's Saturday morning on the West coast. Which means no one is actually likely to look at LJ until way after I want to write this philosophical email.

Help! ;)
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Andrei in the office

I realize I'm not a parent... yet.

I just read an article that impressed me. It's from Netscape's Healthy Kids section.

Now, I've gotten to the point where anything that looks like it might be sold at the checkout line in a super market is something that translates in my brain to "Fluff."

Cosmo, People, and even Time. It's just stuff to fill up your brain with impression rather than anything of value. (And I know I'm going to get flack for daring to call "Time" 'fluff')

So, Heathy Parenting magazines... I am kind of wary. Everyone who's ever been a parent has given me that , "Oh, yeah... Go read the magazines.. Sure.. that'll help" line that drips with so much sarcasm that I have to wear hip waders.

That being noted... The article was on the 10 things your teenage daughter doesn't tell you. the article impressed me because to be honest, it handled the teenage mind very much in the manner that I remember mine working.

The article made me actually feel good because I have mentally tried to transcend the gut reaction to many of the points brought up by the article. One point talks about how teens want to be (or be with) a celebrity. I was like that as a kid... (Who says I still don't have dreams of people 100 years from now walking on the sidewalk in Hollywood and thinking, "Andrei who?" The writer comments about not dismissing the childs dreams but helping them understand the machine and careers and encouraging their pursuits.

My favourite in the list is "I'm not religious, but I'm spiritual" If that is the worst thing I have to deal with... I'll be very happy.

Again... Good article :) At least in my wholly unexperienced world view.
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Andrei in the office


If an infinite number of kitties has an infinite number of compilers...

Would Microsoft still try to sue?

Edit: Surrealistic humour just isn't as humourous when you mis-spell a word.
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Andrei in the office

I have some simple needs

This post is politically motivated. This will be my only political posting about the candidates for election.

I state that first and foremost because you may as well punt now.

I have given up on all political parties. In particular, I've given up on the two major parties. I think John Stewart deserves the Nobel Prize.

The rest of this post is behind a cut. This is because it uses strong language and will probably offend everyone. If you are offended by it.. you probably should be. That being said...

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