September 23rd, 2004

Andrei in the office

And in an effort to be more professional

I've started a professional journal that will be more work oriented.

Up until today the journal was [info]gtapolow.
For obvious reasons it's now afreeman.

The first post is more detail about the NewsAccess project I've been working on.

It gives some history and motivation into how this program came about.

The post also talks about the new LJ community I made: newsaccess

I should point out... the community is not official. It's not Earthlink's. It's not to be used as comments from the company about the app. I just figured, better I make it than someone outside the company who doesn't know anything about the app :)

I'm going to sleep now. :)
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Andrei in the office

Sidekick 2 and other goodness...

Well, this was a good day.

I went in to get some time off approved. I'm out of the office until the 4th of october.

I touched base with members of the team. Got some... software that I can't talk about. :)

Got pulled in on a conference call that I can't talk about. And got approval to offer a class on RSS technology to the employees of the company.

I got home around noon and the box from t-mobile was waiting for me.

My shiny Sidekick 2. It's really pretty. Though, I have to confess. The new keyboard puts the delete key where the original unit's return key was.

The SK2 has a built in camera which provides surprisingly good pictures. Especially in comparison to the old version. jnanacandra and I drove to Dave & Busters for lunch. We didn't really stay to play any games.

Then we took a round about way home and stopped at the L.A. County Arbouritum.

There are a couple of pictures pending, but to give you an example of the SK2 camera and the day... this is a picture I took.

Fun :)
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