September 20th, 2004

Andrei in the office

Funny conversation from today (mine)

<a> Just paid some bills. We now own 1/30th of the car
<h> heh. I vote for the driver's side headlight
<a> Aww, not the 110V outlet?
<h> well, neither one is any use without the battery to power it
<a> How about the moonroof?
<h>can't open it without power either, but at least we have a pretty piece of glass to carry around over our heads and protect us from the non-existent rain
<a>Hmmn. Point. I need functional here. Passenger's seat? It folds down and makes a nice table. Doesn't require the battery
<h>I think that's more than a thirtieth of the car
<h>I know. rear-seat cupholder, plus the mechanism to make it come in and out
<a>See, now I feel really good about paying my bills.

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Andrei in the office

I may now have hope for the future of our world....

I was playing random music on iTunes for jnanacandra

I heard the familiar opening chords of that bygone hit of the 70's... (see music)

I tried to stop it, she said, "What's this."

I let it play to the chorus. I made hand letters.

"Ah, some song that must have been horribly overplayed in its time."
me, "You mean you've never heard this one?"

I stopped the music, "I think we'll leave it that way."

Perhaps there is hope for mankind after all.
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