August 25th, 2004

Andrei in the office

What the f*$&: Increase in stupid people

It's been a while since I posted about an idiot on IM.

Here's my recent one.

I received the following IM:
{instigator'sIM} (8/25/2004 1:22:42 PM): life_is_my_hell_hell_is_my_life (8/25/2004 9:49:05 AM): If I were to show up at your house at 1 A.M., what would you do with me? 1=sex 2=blow/eat out 3=finger/handjob 4=make out 5=nothing. Send this to everyone on your list & see just how many wanna fuck ya........LOL do it this is funny trust me the answers you get back will amaze you. Pass it on.

Now the irony is that this is similar to a post on made on LJ a while ago.

None the less. Busy, people reading my journal signed on to the content. IM is different. There is some sense of netiquette. So I replied:

The answer I send is: Please never spam this IM account again. If another unsolicited message is received your account will be reported to abuse for termination.

The moron sends the message 6 more times and follows it up with:
report me i dont care..

So, I went to (fwiw)

I also opted to post. Personally, I wish I had the time, code, and the mechanics to trace the IM to its root and give said user 'what-for'

If there is anyone who knows anyone who loves this kind of task, I'll be glad to give you user's IM ident. To add insult to injury, the msg above isn't by the moron, the moron received it and sent it along.)

Grymble. Now where was I in my work.
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