July 28th, 2004

Andrei in the office

T..er W-17 and counting

Yesterday I got an IM from an online acquaintance who I hadn't chatted with in a few weeks. She asked me how life is and I gave the stock answer that I've been using over the past few weeks. "Busy, busy, busy"

Currently, my yet to be publicly described application has a whole bucket of bugs and we are on a tight time frame. I now have 'New Guy™' working on some of my app's bugs. He's absolutely great. He's found some bugs in areas I didn't even think of. This is why two sets of eyes in the code is great.

I also had a great lunch break yesterday. We have a couple of guys at the office who play poker. So that diversion is relaxing.

But the all important question came out, then.
   "Well, how is life outside work?"
I said, "Even busier. I am getting married in 17 days."
   "Really?!? Did you post about that? I didn't know"

I think I've commented about this but not really put it out there. So...
Way back (Nearly a year ago) on September 7, 2003; well, in football terms one could say, I took a knee.

Since then, we have done the strangest thing... We've gone on with life. This will be H's 2nd walk down the aisle, so after much discussion we decided to not make it a huge affair. This ruled out my wishes for a Disneyland, Cinderella wedding with snipers and ninjas... But I'm strange that way.

The wedding will be on August 14th at out local temple. Our local priest and priestess will be officiating. This is an honour from me because these are the two primary clergy I studied under in my own pursuits as a priest. They will be performing a mass and then a special marriage ceremony.

It's not big, we haven't announced it to the world, and this is okay.

Someone at work asked me yesterday if I was nervous. (Just a general 'nervous' not actually directed at anything) So I responded, "About the bride to be? No. I've never been more sure of anyone in my life. And I've had some relationships go wildly in the wrong direction. About the day in particular? A little, but that's because we have more to plan than we have, but not as much as people would think and we both ended up horrendously busy with other responsibilities leading up to the day in question."

So... life is good. Crazy. There is much to do... And a wedding imminent. It's going to be a wonderful change in my life... but we will still both be us... And still be crazy about each other. Albeit with different names ;)

Questions? Problems? Complaints?
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Andrei in the office

Just arrived at the office

I arrived at the office at 11:30 today. Yeah.. 2.5 hrs late. I was waiting at home for UPS.

UPS this morning delivered to me... My missing sidekick. It works, it's memory is intact.

Happy, happy Andrei :-D
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Andrei in the office

Developer talk...

From a chat with fraserspeirs after I helped him locate a bug in xjournal

F for Fraser (edited), A: for Me (also edited)

F:So I think I've fixed your reported bug from yesterday


F:Oh, no, I haven't. I've actually broken it

F:always test a fix before boasting about it

   A:Oh, phew. I was worried. A 24 hour fix without ruing the code? What kind of a developer do you think you are ;?)

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