May 7th, 2004

Andrei in the office

hee heh hee hee

Got home at 5:30. Had been up since 7am (Wednesday). Fell asleep on the bed while the landlord was replacing the bathroom sink. Woke up at 11pm.

Going back to bed soon. I love code deadlines ;)
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Andrei in the office

Apple Rejects The First "Dirty" iMix

Please Note: This posting contains adult material. Please do not read the full article if you are underage. Thank you.

Full story at:

Apple has decided to filter submitted iMixes under the new version of iTunes.

I had to post this because jnanacandra and I were talking about topics like this (bizarre mixes) and this list is really well put together.

Collapse )

Now personally, I take this as a challenge to find the list of music themes that are... daunting.. And a good list of songs to make those lists.

Edit A good link on the topic can be found at
Edit I've now bold'ed "She Bop" which now four people have missed on the list.

To quote Yahoo news in the UK: Cyndi beat off (snigger) stiff (titter) competition.
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