April 8th, 2004

Andrei in the office

You know, something ain't right in Delhi

Yesterday I finished my taxes with Turbo Tax. The reason it's so late is that the shipping of my overnight software took them 2 weeks. I also had to go thru Intuit's purchase customer service in New Delhi, India.

Another product of outsourcing.

But last night I hit a problem. I got an 'error' in my taxes. So I contacted the tax support folks. They were also in New Delhi. The answer I was given was, "Oh, you can ignore that and skip ahead."

Now, check me on this. Is anyone else nervous about the idea of being advised on Federal taxes by someone in India? Especially when the advise is, "Oh just skip that part."

I probably will no longer use Intuit software for American taxes while their support staff is outside the country.
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Andrei in the office

I have been given a challenge

One of my dearest friends (I'd say oldest, but we're both too young for that) has made a post. Today, fiannaharper has posted(a filtered post) asking one deceptively simple question:

What fictional character do I remind you of?

Now, a little history on why this is not as easy (for me) as it sounds. I met FH in 1987 during my semeter's dean's vacation. I met her in the floorshow of RHPS. She and I have changed so much (and so many times) in the past seventeen years. That finding just the right character is going to be a fun challenge. :)
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