March 26th, 2004

Andrei in the office

Upping the ante

Firstoff, I'm not dead. The code I've been working on has kept me very busy. Only two people outside my company even know what I'm working on. Though I am getting the legal documentation from the office to take on beta testers. Cap that off with a hearty schedule in the order and still keeping time for Heather and LJ takes a back seat... sort of ;)

Well, our poker interest got checked, raised, and even check-raised ;)

Warning: much lingo to follow:
After playing each other in our two person tournament with rising blinds Tuesday for about 3 hours I went to bed and had dreams about sorting chips. Last night I asked that we take the night off from our 9 card cavalcade. (2 each and 5 for 2-player hold 'em).

On the way home H asked if I was still "burnt out" from our Tuesday tourney. I thought, "hmmmn." When I got home I suggested we go down to the city of Commerce. The Commerce Casino is one of the largest card room casinos in the L.A. area. I figured we could head down, look at how it actually works and at least get dinner (probably a buffet).

We left at about 6:30... Now the casino is about 10 miles down the highway at our back door. Granted, the highway out our backdoor is Interstate (the) 5. Which meant the 10 mile trip took about 50 minutes.

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I think we'll wind up going back again. Though, I plan to stay at the same level tables for quite some time. I'm not ready for tourney play by a long shot. It was loads of fun. I am psyched to play far more often at home and hopefully can get a home game going with more than just H & I soon.

Until then... the button passes to you.
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Andrei in the office

Quotes for the week

I would of said something, but of course I was repressed to all hell.

Yeah, but have you ever seen chihuahuas in the wild.

(No, I'm not kidding that chihuahua one came up in conversation and I know there are people who read this journal who can check me on it.)
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Andrei in the office

Math is fun?

Cross posted in macosxdev and my home journal

Warning, this is all math and geometry... turn around and back away slowly if you value your life :)

I am posting this mainly for external validation. I think I have the concept right but my geometry is just a little rusty.

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