March 9th, 2004

Andrei in the office

Happiness is making tech support think

Yes, I've been quiet for about 3 weeks. I am busily working on my project at the office. If the project plays out well, I will be far more active on LJ than ever before (If you strike me dead, I will.... anyways...)

So while doing some data crunching and analysis, I managed to find a discrepancy on how LJ generates data. So, I've gone and made a post off to the LJ tech support minions to see if they can help me find an answer to something very specific :)

Happily my research has also turned up 2 bugs in the OS I am developing for. :)

So, I feel like I am actually competent in the job I am doing.
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Andrei in the office

So.. to be fair...

I looked thru some of the tech support questions and saw the following:

Добрый день. Мне не приходят комментарии на e-mail со 2-го марта. Все настройки правильные. Аккаунт - платный. Пишу вам не в первый раз, пожалуйста, помогите

I fired up Sherlock my language translation application and it gave me:
Good day. To me do not be necessary commentaries to e-mail with 2- GO
of March. All setups are correct. Akkaunt - paid. To pishu to you not
the first time, if you please, help.

I think the user is asking: "How do I stop getting emails when people comment in my journal?"

So I reasoned the answer was...

and responded with:

Русский не понимает. Использование переводчика от компьютера.
Faq для email для комментариев.
Пойдите к
Почти дно коробка к обозначенной проверке (получает ответы доски
сообщения) "Get message board replies"
Если коробка не проверена, то вы не получите комментарии email.

Which the computer translates back to English as:
Russian is not understood. Use of a translator from the computer. Faq
for email for the commentaries. Go to Almost the bottom box to the
designating checking (it is obtained the answers of the board of
communication)"Get message board replies" if box is not checked, then
you will not receive commentary email.

Effectively trying to say, "I used a computer translator, here's the faq, here's where the checkbox is."

So my question... is there anyone on my reader list who actually is fluent in English and Russian who can tell me how close computer generated translation was to communicating a question and answer?

EDIT Tried to clarify a rushed post.
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