February 27th, 2004

Andrei in the office

Scary undertaking

So, I am passionately working on a project at the office. I have lobbied for this project and am currently feverishly coding away on it. It takes advantage of several really nifty current buzzwords.

The only problem, it's another version of a program that's already commercially available. I'm trying to put in a unique set of features to make my app as compelling as the one that I'd say has a pretty strong share of this apps market.

And to allay nervousness... No, Fraser. I am not writing an LJ client ;)

I'm nervous of course because there's only so far you can go when writing another app that does foo without looking like a duplicate. Take Word and any other text editor. I mean once you get past the page and the ruler... they are all the features. Everyone imitates everyone else. It used to be flattery... now... it's hiding behind your lawyers.

Personally, the app that's out now is great. I use it. I just think it has several limitations, so I'm writing my own. When I decide I like mine better, then I know I've done my job. I hope this app flies because I really love the technology and think people will like it. Hopefully they will adopt it. *shrugs*

Sorry, as typical, to be so vague. I don't want to tip too much of my hat before we are ready to drop this on the public.

This also serves as a reason for why my posting has slowed recently. I've been deep (and happily) in code. I have many other things to write about soon.

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