February 9th, 2004

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The weekend that dribbled

I've been going pretty full tilt since June. June was the magical month when my old employer decided that in a fiscal reworking of their priorities (translation: VP's jockeying for power) most of my team was no longer considered necessary.

Since June I have:
  • Travelled to the OTO national conference
  • Become ordained as a priest
  • Performed in masses in 3 different states.
  • Begun my study towards becoming a chartered initiator

    And oh, yes... moved, found a new job, engaged a wonderful woman that I love dearly, taught classes in Hebrew...

    Blah, blah, blah....

    I kept dreading the flu this season, because frankly... I didn't have time to get sick. Who does?

    Friday mid-day I knew it was coming. I had that "Something not right in my throat" feeling. This was followed by, "I don't get this whole coding thing" (Which really sucks when it's your code)

    I felt badly because Friday morning, I'd asked H if she wanted to go clubbing that evening. By the afternoon, I explained that clubbing was probably out for this weekend. So, it was coming. I dosed up, took more vitamin C. Prepped myself.

    Bah. Saturday, I was sick. Throat was bothering me, felt a little run down. But I was able to medicate and look okay. Saturday evening was our, "Yay! We're an Oasis Now" party. I watched the The Ninth Gate, which I thought was great. The climax was a touch anti-climactic. But still a good flick.

    Sunday, I woke up and was reminded what it is like to really be sick. I haven't been sick in probably over a year. I think I owe that partially to being in a really good head-space over the last year. Recently my head-space has been a bit off...

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