January 1st, 2004

Andrei in the office

Romper Room: So, who do I see in my magickal mirror?

I've been wanting to write this all day... But frankly I'm beat :)

This has been one hell of a holiday season...

Yesterday was the New Years Eve party that I've wanted to throw for many years. I managed to pull in several different social circles and they all seemed to get along. There were some brethren from the OTO, some local members of the poly community, some SCA people, some old and new friends, and of course my darling Heather who put up with me as I dragged this behemoth into our house. Despite fighting off the last vestiges of flu which had taken her out since last weekend. (She smiles, nods, and coughs)

So first off I'm going to try to thank everyone who came and made this celebration so enjoyable. If I miss anyone or don't have their LJ name... sorry.

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Muchly fun, sushi, scrabble, dr. who, champagne, and alpaca rugging was had by all. I especially want to thank Mark and Christiana who helped with early setup, finding ash trays, and moving the recycle bin near the house. I want to thank lilavati_omkara and seraphino for the lovely housewarming fuzzies, and especially dryadsidhe and tragic_squirrel for helping me clean up after everyone left to prevent an ant onslaught. Thanks also to all who brought wine, champagne, food, and the like without being asked to.

And a special thanks to several people from our alpaca rug who has since told us that New Years Eve was a religious experience for it. Oddly, it also mentioned something about wanting prizmdonna's phone number.

If you missed it... sorry. Maybe we'll throw something again in 2 or 3 months. For those that made it, we'd love to hear your comments and suggestions for the next one.

Already it's been wonderful to see comments from so many people:
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Happy 02004. As always.... lets make this one even better than the last one. :)
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