December 29th, 2003

Andrei in the office

Memetime: Expand my reading list

Once again it's memetime. Today, memetime is brought to you by a private post byvesperia
When you crib it.... credit!!!

The steps to this meme are easy:
  • 1. Suggest 5 journals to me, explaining why you've suggested them
  • 2. Post your suggestions as a comment
  • 3. Succumb to the meme virus and solicit journals in yours.

    So... What aren't I reading. (Though for some reason I have the urge to write: What amn't I reading)

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    Andrei in the office

    Holiday spirit, have it your way...

    This Christmas Card was sent to me by a coworker.

    The card itself... kinda weird, kinda funny. Let it play out.

    Then click the 'offended' link to see something that I found somewhat impressive. Finally, I really have to suggest the mp3 link on the bottom of the page. It says you need to right click and "save file as" but I'm gonna be a Mac weenie and say that it opened quite fine on my browser with a single click.

    I will also say the MP3 "remix" is the best part leading me to display several facial takes that would have made Chuck Jones proud and left my sick jnanacandra merely drooling in that way that only a brain hemorrhage can afford.

    Feliz Navidad!
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