November 5th, 2003

Andrei in the office

Confessions of the World's Largest Switcher

From an article on O'Reilly Network... by Daniel H. Steinberg:

His ad might go something like this. "I was in the market for a new machine. I was hoping to get ten teraflops by the end of the year. I'd never used a Mac and had been looking at Dells and IBMs. Then Apple released the G5 on June 23. A week later I bought 1,100 duals online at the Apple Store. I'm Srinidhi Varadarajan and I build Supercomputers at Virginia Tech."

Their latest numbers are at almost 10 TeraFlops which puts them as the third fastest in the world.
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Andrei in the office

Memetime: TMI

Anno IVxi Sol 12° Scorpio, Luna 7° Aries

Shamelessly ripped from the journal of ariche

This one asks about certain personal proclivities... Read only if you are 'that' interested...Granted, by even having this meme it suggests I was curious about ariche's answers. But let's not go there. Thank you ;)

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Andrei in the office

Killer 80's Quiz

Damn, this was actually a pain in the butt.

The test is not kind to spelling errors and tends to give fragments of lyrics that make it hard to figure out what song it's from. It also tends to ask for the parts of lyrics that you were never sure of to begin with...

It honestly took me about 5 minutes of racking my brain to come up with #30

See if you can top a guy who was a professional 80's pop DJ (Yes me)

I got 81.3% (Because I am so definitely not a fan of U2)

This one is worth it. I bet you get #4 wrong :)
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