October 24th, 2003

Andrei in the office

Halloween Approaches... A redux look back

So, as my 36th Halloween approaches, I'm into that period of, "Do I do something or not?" I've been invited to a costume optional party with the theme of "Come as your favourite dead thing." I'd been considering coming as "(The death of) Childhood Innocence"

Other favourite costumes I've done: The Crow, Dream (Sandman), Gene Simmons, Wacko Warner

Open for suggestions...

It's been three years since my “scariest” costume to date. Some people have seen it, other's have not. So I figured I'd put it up for the newer people.

First the description, then the image behind a cut for the faint of heart.

  • Shaved beard entirely
  • Bleached hair on head
  • Green contact lenses
  • Theatrical makeup to give a european skin tone
  • Shaved body hair from back of hands
  • Removed all jewlery (necklaces and rings)
  • Buisness suit

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  • Andrei in the office

    I like my cube mate...

    My cube mate KK (Again, yes... his middle initial is in fact also K) is very funny and cool. He sent me the picture of the "Finding Nemo Sushi"

    His AIM icon is Benny Hill saluting.

    I opened up my mp3 collection at the office for anyone with iTunes. The following conversation occurred:

    Me: Mind if I send you a link. The reactions are quite humourous
    KK:but don't ever interrupt me while I'm listening to your Sailor Moon track again..

    EDIT: The reactions are to the halloween post I made. They've given me quite a laugh.
    EDIT: Added a link for the finding nemo sushi
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    Andrei in the office

    A new thing cribbed on the net

    So first, the origin. While having a wonderful conversation with yourtoy in Yahoo MSG, I looked at her journal and found coryphella's. She had a guest map.

    You get a picture of the earth and can leave a point where you are with a message and a link. So obviously, I had to try this.

    For now the badge is here in my journal:

    Free Guestmap from Bravenet

    I will put it to the side in the web pages area soon. But definitely, even if you never comment in this journal, go leave a mark on the map.
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    Andrei in the office

    Time sensitive poll like thing. You have 5 hours....

    x-posted to lordandrei, los_angeles, poly_la

    We (jnanacandra and I ) are thinking of goth-style clubbing tonight. I don't really know the la-goth scene so I went to the la-goth net site.

    We are looking for a gothish, dark, club, maybe with a slight twist. Something along the lines of Dungeon or Perversion, I guess. We're also hopping to stay in a circle that inclusive of Hollywood and Pasadena.

    So far the ones that seem interesting are: Clockwork Orange, Helter Skelter, Release the Bats, MissKitty's, among others.

    So.. here it is:

    Poll #196214 Suggest a gothie club

    Which club

    Clockwork Orange
    Helter Skelter
    Industry Fridays
    Miss Kitty's Parlour
    Release The Bats

    Some other club?

    Comments (directions, notes about clubs)

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