September 19th, 2003

Andrei in the office

Well, today is the day

Somewhere between 8am and 10am today a truck, 3 guys, and lots of empty boxes will show up at the apartment. By the time I go to sleep, it will no longer be in the SF Valley.

If I am able to remember, I'll take some pictures tomorrow throughout the day.

It is now 8:15... no movers yet... updates forthcoming...
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Andrei in the office

Moving day part 1

So, the movers are here. 3 russian guys. I think they are russian. One has a mop of wildly curly hair. One looks like a short dock worker and one looks like he could be a cousin.

Things started okay and then got very hairy, very fast. They came in bearing a contract that says I am covered for damaged up to 60 cents per pound. I call the movers and am transfered to the manager who tells me that I was previously notified about alternative insurance. I explain that I wasn't and I feel like the victim of bait and switch. I tell him I am going to consult with a lawyer. He tells me he is no longer interested in moving me, hangs up on me and calls his guys at the apt.

I grandly state that I am not having my move cancelled. Short dock worker coverses on phone in (maybe) russian for about 5 minutes. Then hands me thr phone. Manager says he's not interested in cancelling but if that's my decision....

I comment that I have full faith in his people and willl sign off on his contract but will discuss this with him after the move. He thinks the conversation is over.

If anything is damaged this will probably get very ugly.

More as the day goes on.
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Andrei in the office

Moving Day Part 2

So, they pack all the books and tarot decks in the cabinet. The go to the shelves and back all the books except one. A copy of the "Holy Scriptuires" It is a torah. Basically half English and half Hebrew.

I also notice that they've left a menorah on top of one of the pieces of furniture. I now get the impression that it's not Russian but possibly arabic.

Of course the funny of it all was the complete lack of compunction packing my regardie, crowley, duquette.. including Book IV and the Liber Als.

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Andrei in the office

Colour me embarassed

So, out of curiosity, I asked what language they were speaking. Turns out the guys are speaking Hebrew. They are all immigrants from Israel. Apparently, the guy boxing books was waiting until everything was done to go back and pack the sidur carefully.

To keep an eye on them, I've ordered Pizza. That way, they can either eat and pack at the same time, or I can note when they eat. Even if they eat in shifts... that's fine.

They told me they would love pizza but only if it was meatless. At first I thought, "Veggie Jews?" and then the little voice (that still knows some Yiddish) said, "Schmuck... Kosher. Cheese means no meat...." I should have offered them cheeseless with meat ;)

So once touching base that they are Israli, and commenting that I'm Jewish... the move has been proceeding... more quickly and the guys are much more realistically friendly.

You need to find the way to humanize the process ;)
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