August 6th, 2003

Andrei in the office

If it's Wednesdayj this must be Oregon

At about 9:30 we crossed into Oregon. (Got about a 7:30 start) we stopped en route to try to get a good look at Mr. Shasta which was indeed <Voice="Lissa">huge!</Voice>

Sadly, there were many low flying clouds... So, pictures, even with the top down... Not so good.

At this point we are closing in on Grant's Pass and 250 mi from Portland. Net coverage is up and down more often than ... Sorry the only image there is not appropriate for general audiences.

We should hit portland by mid afternoon which is very cool. Time to unpack, shower (the shower at motel 6 really sucked), and detox.

This is my first time ever in Oregon, if you discout Oregon airspace while flying from Burbank to Seattle. The view is nice.
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