August 3rd, 2003

Andrei in the office

I call it the Overwhelm Demon (A poll)

When I fall behind on any project this little monster of mine creeps out. It gets bigger and it becomes hell to fight off. And of course the longer it keeps me at bay, the bigger it grows. :(

So, I figure I'm going to take a new approach. I will list of the things I want to type about one at a time. In poll format. If any of them sound interesting, you be the judge. Vote, don't vote... Whatever. I'll post if there is interest, I'll post if I can motivate myself. We'll see.

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UPDATE 030804.0029: Heather's not the only one on Drugs! (7/30)
UPDATE 030804.1831: The JOB in ALAMEDA and Relocation details (7/31)
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