July 15th, 2003

Andrei in the office

the weekend in review

This has been a long weekend. But, then again...when out of work... Days and weeks begin to run together.

Friday started with baptisms and confirmations at our West Valley location. 3 baptisms (of which Heather was one :) and 3 confirmations. Mass was nice, though we had an errant cat that was annoying during the mass. I got to sit in the back with D. And elqahar which of course meant we tried to not make too much noise ;)

Saturday were inits and mass in central Orange County. D. And I went down and I helped her memorize lines for an upcoming major ritual. After inits we ran for chinese food with my local bishop and his wife to bring back for people.

Not having had enough at that point, Sunday was mass in northern Orange county. My bishop was presiding and I was serving as the Deacon. This was especially nice because Heather got confirmed. (My mind blanked during the chorus of the anthem. Bad Andrei!!!!!)

Over the weekend we met the officers of the newly chartered body in Tuscon, AZ who were out visiting. Monday we took them shopping in the L.A. Garment district. We found some killer altar cloth material, and fantastic stuff for mass and elemental mantlings. (I will try to find a way to explain that.)

After that we went to venice to look around the venice beach area. We said our temporary good byes... The az folk were heading down to Lon DuQuette's class. We had to head back to get my car that had blown it's air conditioning to the tune of $1200 >:-(

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Andrei in the office

weekend work status

Well, en route to the fashion/garment district I received a call. This wasn't unexpected. They'd called me friday while at lunch. This was a professional out placement service. Translation, a mega-headhunter on steroids. For $4500 they will represent a corporarion's outgoing staff.

This service includes everything from resume rewrites, job councelling, retraining, and accessing a list of decision making executives to help you create the job you want. Yes, employment pimps. Now, their service doesn't come cheap at all. It is, though a complete write off. It's not the 4500 they charge a corporation, but it's still a hefty sum. However, they say they will represent me for 5 years.

So, this morning I fielded another hour of their sales pitch. And I signed on. I also gave them a full self evaluation of my character as well as some work history. I hate this part because I am a code jockey. Call it engineer, analyst, architect, programmer... Whatever... I write code. I figure out problems. That's what I do. There really isn't much glorification to it.

The next stuff they want (gads) is my education history. Something every college drop out loves to see. :-b

I made a quick run to the airport. Said goodbye to the Arizona folk and picked up my fabric that we'd (intentionally) left in their car. Then it was off to venice (west end) to help transfer the bank account from the old chapter treasurer to me. (hopefully not temporarily)

Out here I discovered a place called the Mitsuwa marketplace. A japanese super market, gift shop and bookstore. Yay.

Well 10 til 1 and someone should be showing up here shortly. More as I get time...
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Andrei in the office

Just too weird

From a private post by rosequartz1963

There is a website that will read a paid (perm, early) user's public posts and capsulize it into neo-poetry.

The results are sometimes scary and other times, completely surreal. then there are times you just hit reload and say, "Well, that was crap."

The web site is:
http://www.antispin.net/~martine/cgi-bin/insanity.cgi?fnord={Your LJ NAME} (No braces)

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Andrei in the office

Okay, this is just going too far...

I take this from the department of, "The internet needs a time-out"

I received a (serious) posting thru a mailing list that there is now a Yahoo group for:
Southern Californian Jews who practice BDSM.

I think the day has come where we are individualizing to the point where people think that the internet can find us our mirror image.

I think I should start a group for "Polyamourous, Ceremonial Magickians, who have come to terms with their Jewish Roots, and have a penchant for Cons, though they are in SCA and IRC recovery and have been toying with the idea of plunging into the world of furries, even though dress up seems dumb to them." By the way, this would only be for people in Southern California.

Now, don't get me wrong... I have complete respect for the SCJBDSM. I could even go to a meeting or two. I think my problem lies when you decide to cross over multiple groups that really have no reason to discriminate.

I mean, Okay, SoCal is a location. BDSM is an activity. But, I mean, is there special focussed conversation on the Judaic end of BDSM? Do we need to discuss why "Oy" is a stronger safeword than, "Jesus H. Christ!." I mean, I know that we're not supposed to beat on the Sabbath as some might consider that work. "Why is this night different from all other nights? Tonight, we svitch and I hold de riding crop."

From this is where we got "Nuke the Gay Whale for Jesus"

So of course in reflection I am of two minds. On one hand, I might want to talk specifically with someone about similarities... but on the other, I think a group with multiple specialties is going to prove to be very disappointing.

*shrugs* It's late, I'm tired... Muchly work to do before comic con.
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1.) Alameda called and I will be flying up in a little over a week for a one day on location interview

2.) I am actually serious about the blogathon and am shooting for sponsors.

3.) I have discovered if you take a two-three week break... People stop reading your journal :) Remember, you are only as important as the frequency with which you post.

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Okay... no more punchy posts ;)
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