June 24th, 2003

Andrei in the office

J-38 and over a bump

I didn't post yesterday because I went through a bit of an emotional roller-coaster.

The keynote for WWDC was extraordinary! Those who are mac fans have already gone out of their way to download the new ichat and safari. Those of us here are already playing in Panther (I am in there now) and using our nifty neato new firewire web cams. :)

In Rendezvous and OSX you can make your own wireless network. I made one during the keynote called, "You really want to hire Andrei"

I made several contacts and went thru the vendor fair. This was not quite as enjoyable. The mixed economy and the proliferation of marketing people made me feel like things look bleak.

Also, with Heather in L.A. and me here, I had an attack of lonely.

I talked with Heather a little last night. This cheered me up alot. I made a few extra contacts. I had dinner with the 'old team' and led a toast to the 03 products that we really worked our asses off on and I for one am proud of. Finally, I got to see pixel12 who is on a drive thru the country from Canada.

Last night I installed the new dev tools. Today I am installing the new dev tools and Panther. It is very, very sweet. This coupled with the fact that I'm a .mac user made the sudden realization that I could download all my working data...well, really quite unbelievable.

Well, time for lunch... More soon
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