June 1st, 2003


A debate about cruelty, intolerance, and the establishment of delusion

This past Friday I made a post about the geek test. The wonderful tydestra who I had the privilege of meeting on an 80's web site and have since summarily addicted to LiveJournal (83ypfaaajmxg) left me a comment about an ongoing debate that she'd eventually been pulled into (sadly partially by a troll) about whether Wicca was a viable religion.

I found myself curious about the debate that had spurred this thread. I read it and this morning began typing my response. Sadly, due to the limitations of LiveJournal's commenting system, I was greeted with the ever annoying: Sorry, but your comment of 8263 characters exceeds the maximum character length of 4300. Please go back, shorten it, and try posting it again.(Since then, through refinement and editing I have added some 400 characters and 80 words. Thank you jnanacandra!)

So, I will leave you to read the debate entry that was made if it is up to you. I will wonder if the simple statement of the above will lead the questioner back to this journal to see my response... Personally, the below is just my response in answer to their comments... I really haven't stated my personal opinion on the topic one way or another...

Ah, an exercise in attempting to not let one's opinion cloud the logical analysis of someone else's opinion.

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