May 22nd, 2003

Andrei in the office

Weird Dreams

I'm not one to typically remember details of dreams but I thought I'd type this one out. Somehow I was on the set of X-Men "blah blah sequel number"

Actually, I was in the movie. I remember them doing a take and I was supposed to run along side a building with blahhhblurry, blurryblah, and someone else. All I had to do was respond to a line, react and say a line.

The director cut the scene after I was done and told me that my performance was horrible. That it was stiff and amateurish. I remember finding this unsettling.

Now, there are few things that I humility in (not lacking humility ironically being one of them) I don't consider myself the best actor in the world. I mean.. I don't act for a living. But I consider myself a competent performer. I believe that I could hold my own on TV, stage or film.

That being said, I felt that I wasn't delivering an acceptable performance. I felt that I wasn't up to par with other actors. I honestly felt to myself that my performance was weak and amateurish. Again, this was in the dream.

I tried a few times and each time, it just felt wooden and lifeless. Eventually we took a break. (There was an interlude attached dream where I was on a snow covered mountain racing a thingee)

When I came back, they announced that there were some budgetary issues and they were shutting down production on the Superman flick.


Now there were lots of weird elements. Due to my experience, most of my performance dreams are stage based, not film. I typically have the "lines not memorized, not prepared for, etc" dreams. Also the X-Men to Superman thing was just weird. But above all, I've never had my abilities either called into question or perceived myself as my abilities not being up to standard.

Kinda not comfortable with the dream. Not sure what to think.

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