May 19th, 2003

Andrei in the office

RSVP: Final TV night "Buffy" and "24"

(Posting attempt 2 as my app crashed)

As previously announced, tuesday will be a social gathering to bid adieu to the guilty pleasures of "Buffy the vampire slayer" and the second season of "24". Shindig to begin at 7. People arriving between 8 and 10 should prepare to arrive quietly :) gathering ends when the last person crawls out the door.

Here are the basic rules of the party and invite:

1) I should know who you are. Complete strangers should probably contact me before attempting to show up.

2) Commutative Coolness invites are okay, but the recipients should RSVP.

3) RSVPs in general are a good thing

4) Potluck is requested but not required

5) Be prepared to follow rules of the house. If you are unfamiliar with rules of the house... you should be contacting me anyways.

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Andrei in the office

shimmeringjemmy update!

Latest update 1:40 pm Monday

So, Heather (jnanacandra)'s computer is in the back of the truck, so I've been getting SMS messages all day.

Here is the capsule:

10:25 am Heather headed out from Seattle heading south
6:50 pm Heather hits California in Yreka.
9:00 pm Heather stops in Anderson, CA.

10:06 am: Heather is in Lothrop, just south of Stockton
11:17 am: Heather is approaching Fresno
1:40 pm: Bakersfield. Heather ETA: 3:30; Fresno Native's ETA:4:00

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