May 16th, 2003

Andrei in the office

I love dating an artist who's a brain :)

In an IM chat I was talking to jnanacandra and w3woody about distractions. I made the comment:

...the problem is that my mind and my fingers both work exceeding fast and sometimes they work on separate processes. I often think I have a dual CPU chip in their somewhere

Every now and then I forget that Heather left the software industry to pursue art, she responded:

you're talking to the person who runs in massive parallel with very leaky thread control. (I) certainly understand ;)

The only response I could come up with was:

I love it when you talk jargon. ;)

To which Bill had to respond, '... geez, get a room guys ...' and I'll omit his second comment. ;)

I see Heather and I as some warped extension of Gomez and Morticia, "Heather, that's Jargon..." And kissing up her arm.
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Andrei in the office

Trivia challenge: answer and scores

Not surprisingly, once both actors were identifies, many of you went scrambling for IMDB. One person told me they were pleasantly annoyed when they saw that I took the graphics and renamed them on my server rather than leaving the original links in place.

David Jason
20 points

Terry Scott
20 points

The inspiration of this was a conversation with jnanacandra about a shared love of the series and a series of wav files that she found. I have to admit how frighteningly Terry Scott looks a bit like Penfold.

As the answer became grandly more obvious once the actors were identified, I'm giving 10 points to correct guessers at this stage. With 5 points to the person who put the right answer down first.

Here are the people who guessed correctly in order of them posting the answer:

Collapse )

So the scores at the end of round 1 are:
Collapse )

So, now I'm curious about what people thought about the trivia:
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Andrei in the office


I wanna go see Matrix tonight. Problem is, I don't want to go it alone tonight (Hate films alone)

Anyone (in L.A. , no smart aleks from maine please) wanna go see it with me. I'll even cover (for 1.. maybe 2)
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Never try to teach a pig to sing...

I have no idea why I felt it necessary to throw in on an absolutely useless attempt at educating a member of the mass-brainwashed herd of ... ahem

The thread is in a debate over the atheistic family suing because their daughter is getting derision from her classmates about not wishing to attend a Christian Revival field trip at her public school.

The thread that sparked me which screams of, "I'm a moron"... prompted me to add a direct response.
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Andrei in the office

I'd like to officially apologies to pigs everywhere.

Earlier I made a post called, "Never try to teach a pig to sing..."

It's from an old joke/parable/cliche:
"Never try to teach a pig to sing. It wastes your time and it annoys the pig."

This quotation has been traced to Heinlein (whose experts refute that it is his) and Twain (who has the same refutation {Oh, my what a word})

I used it in a vain attempt to clarify a Fundamentalist Christian's views on Paganism and Atheism. I have finally determined the definition of "Fundamentalist" that makes me most happy. A fundamentalist is someone who so blindly follows the teachings of their faith that they in fact become a danger to any reputability that faith may actually deserve.

And for those that know me.. I've met more than one Fundamentalist Thelemite.

So, I went to investigate his journal to see exactly how bad he was...

And as a result, I would like to apologize to pigs everywhere.

Translation... Suckered in by a troll. Blah
An excellent article on the (lack of) care and (not) feeding of trolls
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