April 27th, 2003

Andrei in the office

Note to self: LJ Weirdness

I find myself many times during the day wanting to make a relatively deep journal entry. Comment about things that confuse me, annoy me, or otherwise I feel should be kept for posterity.

Then I find myself in front of the computer thinking, I want to make a LiveJournal post. And at these times I am not sure what I have that's worth typing and putting out there.

Maybe these two things will eventually fall into sync. *shrugs to self* Maybe not.

Time to continue cleaning house.
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Andrei in the office

My Saturday

Yesterday was a mostly constructive day.

I watched a few cartoons in the morning. (Rather than getting glued to the Tele for the entire day) I went to a hardware store where I picked up a few tools for the house. (replaced the cheap plastic level that was lost). I also dropped off some equipment for repair and went food shopping.

While I was food shopping I decided I wanted some flowers for the growing number of vases I have. I often get flowers after mass. But they don't survive very well. So, I bought a pair of cheap sets over at the grocery and some baby's breath and some other garnish and mixed and matched to make my own arrangement.

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I have absolutely no idea why I felt compelled to arrange flowers. And for the record, I only have one Streisand film in my collection.

80 Hrs... until Heather arrives.
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