March 23rd, 2003

Andrei in the office

I guess it really says something about me...

There is a picture to this one, so I've put it behind an LJ cut.

I know that my system isn't wired like the majority of people out there. I get constant reminders of this. I was reading through my friends page catching up on many posts. I saw two journal entries from two friends that were sort of 'down'

Sadly, I looked at the posts pictures and said to myself, "Ooh, two in a row."

Often I wonder if wired normally, if I'd be incapable at looking a woman in the eyes, too.

Take that as you will.

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Enslin Torso

Equinox, Blue Horizon style..

Tonight was my local body's equinox ritual. I'd be lying if I said this isn't my favourite time of the year. The days are beginning to edge past the nights. There are more breezes (as opposed to face biting winds), there are more days that are very clear, and of course... Well, we walk into the Sun Sign of Aries... which I tend to have some experience with.

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All in all, a good evening. I got there early to help set up and partially because I needed to miss last night's rehearsal to make a code deadline for work. I spent some of the time ironing my robe in the famed BH Blue Room (ah... memories). And spent most of the pre-rehearsal and post-rehearsal IM'ing with jnanacandra who I am still missing a lot. Though I will be seeing her again in (checks calendar) 10 days, 16 hrs. (Yes folks, he can be that, happy)

My oracle gives me promise that I am on the right road. I have been feeling good about myself and feeling better all the time about the decisions I am making and the direction I am traveling.

I'm liking 2003 a lot more than 2002.

93, 93/93
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Andrei in the office

And one more... Seattle, part 2... or...

Note, the song going thru my head is entirely the fault of someone who posted to one of my communities and hir icon looks like this.

Seattle day 2 was a blast. New people and old people. Here is the quick shout out list of the people I met (perhaps, even in order): stillraven, sea_gaagii and joystormer

Then jnanacandra dragged me (oh, yeah... real kicking and screaming) over to a game-party at alegria_a & ezzie00's. This alone was cool because I hadn't seen them since I moved far from the Burgh o' Pitts.

Other familiar faces at the shindig were: dr4b and meerkat299 add to that some cool games played with new people: rev_blacky, lurker, and eub.

Actually, I wish I could remember the name of the gaming-game we played because I really wanna pick up a copy.

A pleasant evening with jnanacandra and a not so pleasant trip back to the airport. Not that the trip to the airport was bad, but it meant saying good-bye to her again. That part is becoming less fun each visit. I may have to do what is necessary to remove the annoyance of having to say good-bye to her for extended periods of time.

I've added a bunch of these people to my list now for occasional perusal. If you're a regular reader here, feel free to tell the new people to check out this post so they can get their warm fuzzies from the LJ-Shout-out thingee.

Thanks all for making my visit to Seattle a complete blast!
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