March 20th, 2003

Andrei in the office

An overdue post: Why I write '93' a lot.

To all who read this: 93!

An ironic preface to this note: I am writing this post on an airplane. My 'single serving friend' is Amanda. Amanda is a woman who is apporximately 30 reading Sylvia Browne's book on Finding the Spirit Guide. She is baptist and is studying this and looking to meet with a teacher to learn energy work. We spoke briefly about the parallels between a spirit guide and the concept of a holy guardian angel. I seemed to have drawn her away 'through definition' from the concept that "Pagan" is a derorgatory term. I wonder if I should tell her I'm an ordained Deacon and a Novitiate Priest.

A quick additional word before we start. The opinions contained herein are mine. They are neither fact nor official definition. This is the makings of MY religion. You can opt to agree, disagree, shake your head and sigh, or deify me and make posters with me making funny gestures while I wear screwy hats. Your life; your choice. I also state my views of other religions... they may be right or wrong. Other people seem to know much more about other religions that I do about them. That being said, this is what I believe as a result of either my accurate or inaccurate opinions. Feel free to correct or comment. Personal attacks will be blissfully deleted.

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93 = Your milage may vary (YMMV)

Best of luck and life,

93, 93/93

EDIT: 02004-03-24 - Added link to definition of 'Single Serving Friend'
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EDIT: 02005-01-27 - Changed the title from Why I put 93 down a lot. to Why I write '93' a lot. The new title doesn't give the impression that I am speaking badly of it.
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