August 26th, 2002

Enslin Torso

A nice evening (ready for posting/private)

I had a relatively newer friend over this evening. I've only known her for a short time. I'd learned that she was a tea nut who also was not into coffee, so of course, I had to treat her to my hobby.

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So, getting together was tricky. Like most people who are in contact with me on a social level, she'd been watching in horror with everyone else as my life got dragged into an insane situation. She was interested in getting together as was I... but neither of us really wanted to push the issue until my head somewhat got screwed back on.

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Well, we finally got together this evening. I'd been cleaning, she'd been out having not the greatest day. Bottom line... informal was the tone of the evening. Tea. My agenda was tea. (Nonetheless, my training from my last relationship kicked in and I changed into a nice shirt from the t-shirt I'd been cleaning in)

She buzzed up about 8:10. I invited her in, showed her the rack where guests are asked to leave shoes. She said something to the effect of "A barefoot house is a nice house." Well, if anything were going to lighten any tension in my life and give me a smile... that would.

I have an Arrowhead water cooler in the house now. My housemate and I split on this. It's great because we have a constant supply of water and at the same time, I can make tea by the cup on demand. She asked for a glass of water and then pushed on to the crux of the evening... The tea.

I showed off my collection of teas, allowing her to smell each one. It's fun, because it's nice to gauge each person's reaction. I made another attempt at my "Girl Scout thin mint" flavoured tea. A little of this... a little of that. Meanwhile, while showing off the collection I also showed off the cordials.

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Her views on alcohol seemed to fall greatly in line with mind. She asked if she could taste my latest creation. (It's actually a rehash of my first cordial redone more carefully). She really liked the taste of it.

So, I made up a batch of the tea and made two tea bags. (Note to self, second bag was weaker... needs more black base tea) Good flavour. So the two of us got talking. She'd been planning on swimming that day, but opted against it. I offered the facilities at my place. (What's living in L.A. if you can't offer your friends a late night dip in the pool or hot tub ;-) I showed her to the guest bathroom and went off into the starspawn chaos that is my bedroom to change. We meandered down to the hot tub and chatted for a while.

She asked me about how things with my recent trauma were going (my words not hers) I talked about letting go. I learned a little about her history and how she came to be in L.A. She explained some of her views on dating and how she evaluates people. It really made a lot of sense.

But then lots of philosophies make sense until you personally try to act on them.

I explain at some point that I am working on decadent arts. Tea, cordials, massage, etc. She explains that she mostly works on her feet. I of course must offer a foot rub. Which I'm pleased she is more than willing to accept.

It was nice... relaxing... no pressure. Just casual talk with an interesting person. After about 20-30 minutes another couple showed up. I think they were armenian or arabic. There was a lot of that guttural ch sound in the language and it sounded middle eastern in nature. The conversation having gotten into a lot of personal allegory in things that had happened in our lives of course trailed off when the couple arrived. Fortunately, she suggested we go back upstairs and dry out.

Back upstairs we changed back into dry clothing. (Ah the advantages of a 2 bedroom with 2 bath) We talked more. I refilled our tea cups and started the foot rub. More about her theories on relationships. She raises a really great concept on how to not get involved with people who are just too damned captivating. We chat movies. Ah... a movie buff. We give each other a list of movies that the other needs to watch. Cleverly, I remember to actually write some of them down. We chat philosophies. She asks about my beliefs. I'm able to talk Thelema without coming off like a brainwashed fundamentalist. (I think)

All in all, that was pretty much it. She'd promised to meet another friend later in the evening. I was about to offer a movie to watch. She called the friend to see if they were still on, otherwise she'd have accepted. As it is, we're planning on doing movies sometime this week before I head off to D*C in Atlanta.

I gave her a hug goodnight... She headed off. Again... a nice evening.
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Andrei in the office

No thin mints were harmed in the making of this....

First off: PIE!!!!!! (Don't ask)

Concerning my posting yesterday about a nice evening, making cordials, unwinding and my desire to create "thin mint" tea... chite posted a response which sent me reeling down amnesia lane.

Sayeth I: "Girl scout thin mint" flavoured tea.

Respondeth chite: Do you include the "secret ingredient" in all thin mints?

To which I must now explain:

Many years ago I explained to chite and her then roommate amergina(A massively cool person in her own right), that I was convinced that the reason people love thin mints so much is that they obviously must be laced with cocaine as a "secret ingredient". My theory was further proved after a discovery.

I bought a case of thin mints and disciplined myself to open no more than one box per month. in December, I brought a box to a Christmas party. Note: Girl Scout Season (Just before Rabbit Season, slightly after Duck Season) is in Late January/ Early February. Most people hadn't seen GS Cookies in about 8-9 months having already screwed up this past year's resolutions to loose weight.

I took out my cookies. Darwin as right folks, because people went feral. "Are those Girrrrll Scoout cookies?!?!" And the box was toast in about 5 minutes.

Cocaine. I was sure of it. People spending lots of money, waiting for their dealers who come off innocently enough. Start you on something safe like shortbread....until they work you up to the more addicting stuff.

And then it hit me. The filk was so damned obvious. When chite posted her response the first verse sprang back from the dark archives of my memory. I don't think I ever finished more than the first verse....

Until today.
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It would sem there is a new virus spreading quickly.


No, I don't fully get it. But, i think I got it. At last count it's spread to at least 5 people.

Be on the lookout!


You may have to close your office door.

And in the meantime, a pun battle has broken out in my last post's response area.

It's gonna be one of those weeks
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